Ejection Seat, Reverse Bungee
Reverse Bungee View

On Benny Cubbins’ Ejection Seat, every ride is the ride of your life. This hair-raising reverse bungee attraction comprises two telescopic columns reaching 32 metres (105ft) into the sky.

Passengers take their places in the twin-seat sphere-shaped capsule, which is connected to the columns via two elastic ropes. The capsule is held in place with the use of a giant electro-magnet as the ropes are tightened on each side.
Once the operator gives the starting signal, it’s time to kiss goodbye to earth – and say hello again to your dinner – as riders hurtle headfirst 45 metres (150ft) up into the sky, experiencing 4.8G.

After a series of bounces, somersaults and spins, the capsule is lowered back down to the ground and secured safely in place.

Customers getting to ride the Reverse Bungee
It’s extreme, it’s insane, it’s unforgettable. You can even relive the experience on video/DVD!

Benny Cubbins’ Ejection Seat is checked annually and passed by an independent engineer approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE). We carry current test certificates and £10 million of insurance cover and operate in accordance with the HSG175 standard for safe practice at fairgrounds and amusement parks.

Reverse Bungee View
This extreme attraction – together with many other rides – is now available for hire at your event. Contact us now, and watch it pull in the crowds…

See the Ejection Seat in action, click here !

 Technical Specification
Height (structural): 32 metres/105ft
Max height (in use): 45 metres/150ft
Width: 22.5 metres
Depth: 8 metres
Weight: 27 tonnes
Capacity: 2 persons per ride/30 per hour
Year/place of manufacture: Italy, 2000
Transport: 1 semi-trailer
Installation time: 3 hours